Current Initiatives and Future Plans



Our in-school programs are focused on bringing educational public speaking sessions to students that currently don't have such opportunities. 

The curriculum encompasses a multitude of important skills, such as researching, critical thinking, and public speaking. These skills are applicable every day, both in and out of school.


At Young Debaters, we want to help and impact as many students as possible. In order to accomplish this, we publish online resources that are available to everyone!

Our modules are curated from a nationwide group of writers and editors who have achieved incredible success in the national circuit . Everyone has his or her own unique speaking styles and techniques.  The diverse contributors bring multiple perspectives which is essential for any public speaking curriculum. 

Public Speaker


Speech and debate is more than just a skill- it's an experience. Through our blog posts, we are able to publish a plethora of different topics and communicate with you, our audience!

Our blog includes updates on our in-school workshops, editorials from our board, debate experiences from our diverse staff, and more.