• Christian Bae

Welcome to Young Debaters!

Hello everyone! Young Debaters has officially launched as a nonprofit organization!

I am Christian Bae, the founder and President of Young Debaters, and I am beyond excited to start working to bring speech and debate to students who currently don't have access to it.

Our nonprofit's main mission is to expand public speaking education to as many students as possible, and we have three different ways to do so: school sessions, published resources, and our blog.

1) Our in-school sessions and seminars are geared towards middle school students who don't have the luxury of a speech and debate program. We operate in a variety of ways, whether it is regularly scheduled after-school sessions or one-off seminars about public speaking.

2) Another aspect of Young Debaters is our published resources that are made available online. While our staff is continuously growing in regional diversity, we are physically based in New York City, so in-school activities are currently impossible to execute for any region outside of NYC. However, any student can gain access to the resources and curriculums used in our in-school sessions by visiting youngdebaters.org. By publishing our modules, Young Debaters is able to have a nationwide impact, even as a young organization.

3) Our final step in achieving our goal of expanding public speaking is our blog. On our blog, you can find a variety of types of content, all sorted in categories. Our Initiative Updates show the progress of our projects, both in-school and published. Our Staff Editorials are written by members of our organization, and they explain how speech and debate impacted them in some way. We hope that our blog ultimately encourages students across the US to develop their public speaking skills and conveys the importance of speech and debate.

The launch of Young Debaters is only the first step of a million-mile journey, and we hope to positively impact students all over America with every step of the way. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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