Founder and President

James Bae is the current President and one of the founders of Young Debaters. After being involved in the debate community throughout middle school and high school, James was inspired to give back to a community that did so much for him.

James has been the Novice Director of Public Forum debate at Hunter College High School for the past two years. He has reached elimination rounds at many national tournaments like the Yale, Princeton, and Lexington Invitationals.

His vision for Young Debaters is one that provides resources for younger students to succeed in public speaking and debate. Debate has made James a smarter and more confident person. He hopes that Young Debaters can guide others toward a similar path.



Founder and Vice President

Christian Bae is the current Vice-President of Young Debaters and has been on the team since its conception. He was inspired to create this organization by his own public speaking experience in middle school and high school.


Christian was the President of the Speech and Debate Team at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. In addition, he has been ranked as high as #5 in the United States in Congressional Debate by the Institute for Speech and Debate.


His goal for Young Debaters is to impact as many students as possible for many years to come. Communication skills are essential to thrive in any environment, and Christian believes that Young Debaters can help students become the best and most confident versions of themselves. 



Stella O’Brien was a student at Saint Joseph Hill Academy and founding member or Young Debaters.  She was also the captain of her school’s Speech and Debate team. As a member of a team with a handful of girls and not many national competitors, she understands the importance of increasing accessibility, championing diversity, and lending a supportive hand to those who feel alone in their public speaking journey.


Stella has competed in Congressional Debate in New York since her freshman year of high school, and she is currently ranked in the top 4 of New York State.


Through this platform, she hopes to reach students who would otherwise not have access to public speaking opportunities and encourage them to find their voice. The goal is to leave the debate community even more kind, inclusive, and diverse than she found it.



Director, New Jersey Representative

Injae Lee is the director of Young Debaters and is the New Jersey Representative. His own passion for speech and debate education is what drives him to make it more accessible to students everywhere.

Injae was the Vice President for Ridge High School's nationally ranked Speech and Debate team. He was ranked in the top 10 in the State of New Jersey and has had success on the national level.

He hopes to increase public speaking opportunities to students and competitors across the country, and in the present political climate, hopes to engender an active student body that becomes our future leaders.




Rae Jeong is a director and founding member of Young Debaters. He is also a director on the Speech and Debate Team of Stuyvesant High School in New York City.


Rae is one of the top debaters in New York State and competes both locally and nationally; he is the 2019 champion of the New York City District Tournament.


He hopes to provide resources, guidance, and most importantly, life-changing experiences to all of the students that he works with. Public speaking has changed his life, and being able to inspire others across the country with that same passion is his biggest motivation.